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Examples of Our Work

     Here are some examples of the work we can do. We are able to perform various types of customization to your firearms. The first picture is of an Remington 1100 stock that we hhave painted Remington Green, Laser engraved the Remington logo on the side of the stock, also shows an example of our soft top adjsutable comb.

     Below are examples of the refinishing services we can provide for you. The first picture shows an example of Forever Blue. It is a process that actually coats the metal surfaces and protects them from the elements that will rust your firearms. It also shows our stock refinishing service. The second picture also shows our adjustable comb and another one of our refinishing jobs, included with this same refinish job is the Blueing we offer as you can see from the third picture. As with most stock refinishing jobs the checkering has been recut.