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     Hello, my name is Patrick Gottberg and I'm here with my two buddies. Hunter is on the left and Nitro is on the right. They both have passed now, but they will never be forgotten. We do have another buddy in our life and her name is Sugar. So come by and see us when your in town.

     My creditials include going to Trinidad State Junior College graduating with a AS Degree in Gunsmithing and received a Certifcate in Gun Repair. In my last year at TSJC I was honored by being listed in The Who's Who Amoung College Students. In 1988 I ventured out of the employed gunsmith to a self employed gunsmith where I was a partner in P & P Gunsmithing where we traveled around to many shoots around the nation to work on your competition guns. In 2005 I started out on my own and formed Pat's Gun Repair in my hometown of Wells, MN.

    To add to my creditals I've spent some time at the Krieghoff shop in Ottsville, PA. where I was trained for becoming a Kreighoff Service Center. I've also been trained by Kolar and Cole at the factory facilties. We're also a service center for Blaser firearms. While my traveling days I learned about what makes a competition gun tick. This allowed me to customize and fine tune each gun to the customers needs. I apply this experience that I gained while traveling to every firearm I work on. Although I have a strong background in Shotgun Gunsmithing, I enjoy working on all kinds of firearms. Not only do we do work for individual shooters we have experienced working with a firearm manufacture.

     I'm also an avid shooter and enjoy all kinds of shooting, but my favorite is trapshooting. I started shooting at a young age when my grandfather took me trapshooting. Little did I know that was the day my life would change. Firearms were going to be a big part of my life. I've been blessed in my shooting career to have many accomplishments, but my proudest accomplishment was in 2009 when I was inducted into the Minnesota Trapshooting Hall of Fame. As a shooter I feel it gives me an advantage in meeting your gunsmithing needs.

    I want to take this time now to thank you for stopping by my web site. Also remember that your always welcome at Pat's Gun Repair. So the next time your in the area come by and visit us.


Pat & Sugar

Posthumuosly Hunter & Nitro (RIP)